When real life gets in the way of new ideas

Just when I’m finally getting this blog up and running, I’m leaving it for a bit. But only for a short holiday.

Coming back from Japan a little over a week ago, my mind was (and still is) full of ideas for blogposts (and other articles to post elsewhere), and I had planned to schedule a few so it would keep updating while I am away exploring Central Europe. Unfortunately, real life got in the way. Real life meaning: hectic and long working days at my current assignment, and an unexpected opportunity to present about Corporate Social Responsibility and what it can mean to internationally active businesses to an audience of Dutch entrepreneurs heading to Russia soon. An opportunity too good to refuse, but which also took more time than expected.

It was good taking this opportunity though – I’m used to talking about CSR with people who also support the ideas behind it, and why it seems to be a necessary development for business. But the group I spoke to on Friday was unknown to me, so I wasn’t sure where to start talking. Especially when it then turned out that my powerpoint presentation didn’t want to start up.

Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing in the end, as I ended up having more or less a conversation with the people around the table where I was highlighting the things that I think matter when a company is trying to decide on its CSR policy. And that mostly comes down to trying to work out what are the issues that matter most to your company and starting from there. Issues differ per industry and region, but also business activity so that makes it impossible to have a one-size-fits-all approach when talking about how companies can integrate CSR in their business management.

So, no scheduled posts for the moment – but all these ideas are still in my head to start working on soon.


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