Tadaima, Osaka

Osaka / dinner at a great izakaya

Arriving back in Osaka is always good – it’s a city I know, where I can wander around a bit without feeling lost, and where I don’t have to feel guilty about not doing something exciting and new every minute of the time I’m here – as I would in an unknown city.

Nevertheless, this time I look around me a bit more those first few hours in the city – or even, on the way from the airport. The drive from the airport to the city takes you through industrial Kansai: a long stretch of the Osaka port, metal and steel refineries, LNG storage, logistics hubs and much much more.

Again, this time, I think that cities in Asia (or at least the big cities in China & Japan) are like cities of the future: the images we know from sci-fi movies with endless city, skyscrapers as tall as we can imagine, quadruple fly-overs. In Osaka this is not surprising, as it is the third city in Japan with an industrial base to match.

Nevertheless, happy to be back and to be ending the day in a relaxed izakaya with great food, a beer and listening to the banter in Osaka-ben around me.


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