Not a holiday

One thing that I’ve noticed in the last few months of working, is that it takes a lot more explaining for people to understand what I do. Maybe, yes, because I’ve made it a little more complicated. But – I think – it’s also because I’m now not formally connected to a well known organization anymore. And therefore can’t just say “I have a job at X”, which is often enough for people.

I’m noticing it again currently, when I mention to people that I’m going to Japan for a business trip. The response often is: “Wow, that’s so great that you can go on holiday there”.

Uhm, no. I’m not going on holiday. But that doesn’t seem to stick. Is it really that big a difference between travelling for an employer or travelling for your own projects? Why is the latter seen as not quite as serious – at all?

True, a lot of people connect Japan to what I do outside of work and the last time I was there was indeed a holiday. Still, the difference in perception is quite striking…


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