Recommended: Shareable

One of my recent website/blog finds is Shareable, a website bringing together stories and news from the world of the ‘sharing economy’. I’m not too sure what I think of naming another concept – I’m not a fan of labelling everything that is supposedly different, but maybe not really.

Anyway, what I like about Shareable – and I don’t nearly read everything – is the variety of topics and the new things I find when looking through a few days’ worth of articles.

It’s where I found Legobombing, where I’m following the saga of a junior co-worker (which coincides with my own route of discovering fitting workspaces and the so often alluded to ‘serendipity’), and many more bits of information on what happens when people find each other and start doing stuff together.

I love the glimpse of optimism and creativity in the midst of so many depressing stories in the news these days.


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